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“Môr Plastig addresses the state of pollution on our beaches and what we might be leaving for future generations”

Wednesday 17th May 2017

Ben Borthwick, Artistic Director at Plymouth Arts Centre, explores the latest exhibition in the PAC galleries from artist Mike Perry – LAND/SEA (Tir/Môr)

Archaeologists analyse the imprint of humanity on the world. They do this through study of the objects we make, the ways we use those objects … Continue Reading

Insight: Megan Broadmeadow’s Astro Raggi.

Wednesday 7th December 2016

Megan Broadmeadow: Astro Raggi

Astro Raggi is in the PAC Galleries until January 7th 2017.

This exhibition begins with the story of Pasquale Quadri. Or rather a story about him. Megan Broadmeadow first heard of the Italian optician, who was also a cinema projectionist, and member of a band, from a lighting … Continue Reading

REVIEW: True To Size – Heather Phillipson

Thursday 4th August 2016

‘True to Size’ – Heather Phillipson.

A Review from Sullivan the Poet

Remarkable… Stimulating and enigmatic! Heather Phillipson’s installation is, as I came to understand it from my experiences amongst its constructs as a poet myself, a poem – or perhaps … Continue Reading